Car specifications

1) Body Type

- specially reinforced  body, approved by Dekra, ISO certificate
1  a car with a central reinforcement - open, suitable for summer use, the possibility of mounting the telescopic side shutters
1.2 - a car with a perimeter frame
1.2.1 - Open - no windows and roofs
1.2.2 - the roof and the side windows, suitable for year-round operation

Body type Body type Body type Body type Body type Body type

2) Seats

- homologation M1, with a three-point belt, the choice of plush, artificial leather, genuine leather
2.1 - firmly on the floor - seats at fixed distances, fixed with screws into the floor
2.2 - with removable mounting in Alu floor, floor grooves - this solution makes it possible to remove the seat,
 change the distance between the seats rotate them, anchor wheelchair access

Seats Seats Seats Seats

3) Roof

3.1 - accordion (sliding) Awnings, mechanically - manually, but also with electric drive option
3.2 - glazed with internal shading blinds

Roof Roof

4) Windows

4.1 - a car without windows
4.2 - with inserted windows for the winter, the windows stored in the garage, or carrying behind a car seat in the basket
4.3 - with electrically trigger windows - professional solutions

Windows Windows Windows Windows

5) Accessories

5.1 - Additional electric stair entry door
5.2 - reduced entrance stairs and doors extended
5.3 - boarding handles
5.4 - rails for the boarding (or electro-ramp) and anchoring elements
5.5 - auxiliary heating and air conditioning
5.6 - wooden accessories and leather stitching
5.7 - Automatic guide

Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories

6) Sightseeing bus

- we also produce buses for 30 to 40 passengers, and  cabriobus as well as for year-round operation of the convertible roof and trigger windows, suitable for a variety of scenic routes and hop-on-hop-off.

Sightseeingbus Sightseeingbus Sightseeingbus Sightseeingbus Sightseeingbus Sightseeingbus

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